Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sweeter As The Days Go By

Greetings Lovely People!
      Yesterday I came to the realization of something. There is in fact, one month until we board the long flights to Uganda! ONE MONTH from yesterday. The days have seriously flown by! One month, and I will be meeting some amazing children and people. In one month, I will be going on a trip that I prayed two years would happen. One month, and I will embark on a life-changing experience.
     To say I'm excited is an understatement. Imagine it's Christmas morning, and your birthday, the sequel to your favorite book just came out, and your mom is making your favorite meal. That is how excited I am! This is going to be so incredible, and I can't wait!
    I ask that you please pray for us, our team, safety, the hearts of God's people, and fundraising. Me and my Dad still haven't raised all the money we need, but we are trusting in God's perfect timing!
        Give me Jesus,
Emily Grace

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